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2-hour Dinner Cruise

AED 150 AED 69

There is no shortage of dining options here in Dubai. Though it is a wonderful dilemma to have, one can’t help but feel that we need something different instead of hitting all the usual restaurants every week. That’s why we recommend you check out today’s daily deal in Dubai – a dinner buffet dhow cruise from Rayna Tours for AED 69!

  • AED 150 AED 69
  • 3 Days Left

Aquaventure Waterpark/Aquarium

AED 280

A favorite of celebrities from around the world, the award winning Atlantis resort situated on the Palm, provides an awe-inspiring experience! Among the many things to do in Atlantis include Aquaventure- the no. 1 waterpark in the Middle East and Europe, & Lost Chambers aquarium with 20 marine exhibits and 65,000 marine animals from Lama Tours starting from AED 130!

  • 3 Days Left

Ferrari World Tickets

AED 365 AED 270

No automobile commands the respect & awe of the Ferrari. The iconic racing red, aerodynamic design, masterfully crafted exteriors have inspired generations as Ferraris dominate – on the track as well as on the road! With today’s deal, you can experience an amazing day out with a distinctly Italian red flavor at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – including pickup and dropoff in Dubai for AED 270!

  • 3 Days Left

Yas Waterworld Tickets

AED 350 AED 260

The weather is perfect for a day out and it’s a shame to spend it indoors when you could be splashing off with your family or friends. Sure, you could take yet another visit to the mall (zzz!) or you could have some real fun and opt for the the UAE’s favorite Water Park at Yas Waterworld! With today’s deal, you can beat the heat by grabbing tickets to the Middle East’s best water park at Yas Waterworld for AED 260!

  • 3 Days Left

Authentic Thai Massage

AED 99

How often has it been that you have been recommended a massage from a spa that doesn’t feel ‘just right’ for some reason or the other? It could be the ambience or the technique or the oils used… but only a true massage expert can ensure a harmonious experience that extends beyond just a massage!

  • 3 Days Left

Shahnaz Husain Platinum Facial

AED 300 AED 99

Shahnaz Husain is one of the most influential people in the beauty industry and her 400 salons spread across 138 countries is testament to her loyal following! With today’s deal – you can join the legions of women who have had their beauty regimes revolutionized by Shahnaz Husain with the Shahnaz Husain Platinum Facial Special from AED 99!

  • 3 Days Left

Labor Day Charity

AED 12

As hard as we have it, the unsung heroes behind the meteoric rise of Dubai to being one of the world’s greatest cities have it much harder – cheerfully working long hours in the blazing sun to build the city we all love! Today, you can show these incredible men that you care and buy a meal charity box from Grill Corner for AED 12!

  • 3 Days Left

Men's Style Salon

AED 30

Who said men don’t want to look good? It’s the 21st Century and looking good and well groomed is not just expected of men, it is demanded of them. It is tough work looking and feeling good, but there are ways of making it easy. For example you can check out today’s deal- the Men's Grooming Package from Liga Men’s Salon from AED 30!

  • 3 Days Left

Beijing & Shanghai Vacation

AED 1649

For a blend between the old and the new, traditional culture and modern technology, ancient history paired with snazzy modernity – China is the fastest growing and most exciting country to visit with plenty to see for everyone! Today’s deal is a China Getaway Trip from Air China to Beijing with the option of Shanghai starting from AED 1649!

  • 3 Days Left

Desert safari with dinner & entertainment

AED 79

Dream Desert Safari including BBQ dinner, shisha, sand boarding, camel ride, dune bashing, sand art, belly dancing, tanoura dance, funny dance, unlimited cool refreshments and more, with pick up and drop off in Dubai and Sharjah from Green Land Tourism for AED 79

  • 3 Days Left

Horse-riding & paintball

AED 165 AED 79

When we were little, riding horses and engaging in battle were our favorite games to play. Why would that have to change as we grow older? Today's deal is 15-minutes of horse riding followed by exciting games of paintball in UAE’s first green paintball field at Wonderland Paintball Park for AED 79!

  • 3 Days Left

Diamond Microdermadebrasion

AED 125

They say diamonds are forever and it is a pretty true statement. Diamonds are beautiful, brilliant and resilient, qualities that we all long for our own skin.With today’s deal, you can harness the power of diamonds to give your skin a radiant glow with Luxurious Diamond Microdermabrasion sessions from Tenderskin AKC Medical Spa from AED 125!

  • 3 Days Left

Musandam Cruise with Shuttle

AED 499 AED 180

Get your shades and sunscreen and a loved one or two and start your day bright and early in the morning before you proceed to head out of Dubai for your Majestic Musandam Cruise in the Omani fjords with today's deal - a Musandam day trip with pick up and drop off!

  • 3 Days Left

Hair mesotherapy treatment

AED 249

Hair loss is experienced by men and women . It is never easy to watch your locks thin and fall off, however it is never too late to take corrective action! With today's deal - fight hair loss and strengthen your hair with one, two or three sessions of hair mesotherapy from Elite Style Polyclinic from AED 249!

  • 3 Days Left

Luxury Yacht Cruise

AED 700 AED 350

.A luxury yacht cruisel like no other; set sail from Ras Al Khaimah on the aptly named 34 meter long luxury yacht 'The Prince of the Sea' with today's deal - 110-ft Luxury Yacht Cruise with option of full day or evening cruise with delicious buffet spread from Dream Journey from AED 245 per person – with fun activities plus discounts for kids!

  • 3 Days Left

Golden Tulip resort with Aquapark tickets

AED 600 AED 299

Been there, seen that, done whatever is there to do. We even take the odd trip outside Dubai on occasion. However, a lot of UAE residents have not experienced one of the most beautiful emirates there is. Today’s deal is a getaway package to the Golden Tulip Khatt Springs Resort and Spa plus 2 tickets to Dreamland Aquapark for AED 299!

  • 3 Days Left

Arab massage/Moroccan Bath

AED 250 AED 125

From parasailing to hiking to trekking to soccer – adventures for us red blooded men are endless! All these activities take a toll on the muscles and joints though, so it’s always a good idea to limber up with a massage. Today’s deal is a 60 min relaxing full body massage for men from Al Tawoos Massage Center for AED 125!

  • 3 Days Left

Abhyangam massage & Ayurvedic facial

AED 300 AED 109

Ayurveda is one of the most important exports from India to the world. It is a time tested and fine honed science which is used for almost every ailment with excellent results! Today’s deal is to leave you in a state of bliss fit for royalty with the Special Ayurvedic Package for AED 109!

  • 3 Days Left

2-hour scuba diving

AED 300 AED 149

The sea is majestic, mysterious and calm. It relaxes and excites the body in equal measure to be immersed under the gentle blue waves. With today’s deal, you can experience the most beautiful secret side of Dubai with a 120-minute scuba diving adventure from Deep Blue Sea from AED 149!

  • 3 Days Left

Desert Safari with BBQ & activities

AED 299 AED 180

The desert is one of the most picturesque locations in the UAE. Far from the gleaming skyscrapers, gorgeous roads and glamorous malls of Dubai, it is a very different but equally stunning and beautiful part of the country that not many take the opportunity to experience. With today’s deal, don’t miss out and enjoy the Exotic Desert Safari Package from Lama Tours for AED 180!

  • 3 Days Left

Happening Hair

AED 465 AED 79

Hair grooming is a personal vanity for women everywhere. Keeping hair in tip top shape is hard work but is not recommended as a DIY activity! With today’s deal you can trust the experts and enjoy a Happening Hair Special from La Bonita which will be sure to make your hair look gorgeous from AED 79!

  • 3 Days Left

60-mins Ayurvedic Massage

AED 300 AED 119

Lie down and let yourself enjoy the smoothness of warm oil running down your back as a professional Ayurveda massage therapist undoes all the aches and knots from your muscles with today's deal - 60-minute full body Ayurvedic massage for men & women from Kerala Ayurveda Center for AED 119!

  • 3 Days Left

Mouthwatering Dinner Buffet

AED 110 AED 55

There are three types of people who go to buffets... those who go for quality, those who for quantity & those who refuse to go unless they get both! It doesn't matter which category you fit into because you’ll enjoy today’s deal – a mouthwatering dinner buffet with a wide variety of international dishes from Monsoon Restaurant for AED 55!

  • 3 Days Left

Umm Al Quwainn Getaway

AED 780 AED 315

Relatively untouched by the glitz and gridlocks of bigger emirates, Umm Al Quwain is truly a beautiful and picturesque region! With today’s deal – choose from one or two bedroom villas with breakfast and other facilities at the Royal Residences, Umm Al Quwainn from AED 315!

  • 3 Days Left

Brunch & Health Club

AED 130 AED 59

One cant comprehend the thought of giving up the Dubai-ian tradition of Friday brunches but those extra inches on your waistline is wreaking havoc on your wardrobe! With today’s deal, you can not only enjoy an international buffet brunch but also access the health club facilities at the Dunes Delights Multi-cuisine Restaurant for AED 59!

  • 3 Days Left

DNA Hair Botox Special

AED 349

Years of DIY hair care, sloppy salons and the Dubai heat can wreak havoc on once beautiful hair, and we often believe that hair once ruined can never return to it's natural, beautiful state. Luckily, with today’s deal you can try the latest and most efficient of hair repair methods with the DNA Hair Botox treatment plus eyebrow & upper lip threading at Beauty Centre Salon from AED 349!

  • 3 Days Left

30-minutes Wakeboarding

AED 480 AED 299

After a few sessions of Jet skiing, it loses its novelty. Surfing could be a great watersports alternative but the waters here are a little too calm for the aspiring surfer hoping to catch that one big wave. That’s why you should let your adventurous side take over and have the best of both worlds with today’s deal – a 30 minute session of wakeboarding from SeaWake for AED 299!

  • 3 Days Left

Private Island Retreat

AED 300 AED 139

To the harried housewives, stressed out execs and frazzled families all over the city who work hard and forget to play hard and burning out quickly thanks to the pressures of big city living - fret not! Leave the dishes in the sink and put away those TPS reports and check out today’s deal – a 3-hours Relaxing Retreat at Hamdan Island for AED 139!

  • 3 Days Left

Desert Adventure

AED 200 AED 85

The solitude and beautiful quiet of the desert has inspired many a poet’s tongue and plenty of writer’s hearts for centuries in Arabia. The desert is a retreat like no other for the good folk of Dubai because though it is only a short drive away from the city, it feels like another world altogether. Today’s deal is an Arabian Adventure Desert Safari from Saluja Tours for AED 85!

  • 3 Days Left

60-min Massage in 4 branches

AED 69

Located in four different branches across the city, the finest massages from the experts at Grand Health Club is what you need to face a long new week with gusto! Today’s deal is a 60-minute Massage for men and women from Life Time Spa Club for Gents for AED 69!

  • 3 Days Left

9 spa services in 1

AED 99

No effort should be spared and no luxury overlooked for the optimum spa day experience especially for the indecisive among us who find it hard to choose between treatments to fit into our budgets. With today’s deal, lighten your spirits and not your wallet with an 9 spa services in one special from Real Touch Beauty Salon!

  • 3 Days Left

Choice of salon/spa services

AED 250 AED 99

Have you ever purchased a too good to be true salon deal but realized that you could have gone for another one after a few days? With today's deal - get your choice of 12 Salon & spa service at Bodyline for AED 99 - Choose from hair color, cellophane, massage, party makeup, waxing, manicure & more!

  • 3 Days Left

Choose Spa & Salon Services

AED 100 AED 39

Salon packages can be tricky. You want a haircut but don't want to redo your nails that you have just got manicured last week. Or maybe you're looking for a shoulder massage, but not a fan of waxing. Get over this dilemma with this deal with Papion and choose salon and spa service(s) of your choice starting from only AED 39!

  • 3 Days Left

Irresistible Salon Package

AED 100 AED 49

For a woman to get all her beauty needs from a salon is a tall order, but sometimes you find places where every beauty need can be catered for! One of these places is Specialist Beauty Centre with today’s deal – Irresistible Salon Packages with various choices from AED 49!

  • 3 Days Left

Indoor mini-golf for two

AED 150 AED 95

Mini-golf is one of the most fun activities but for years the only exposure people of Dubai had to it was through episodes of Mr. Bean and The Simpsons. However, with today’s deal, you can pick up the putter and head over with a friend for Tee & Putt Indoor Glow in the Dark Mini Golf at Wafi City with a no time limit game!

  • 3 Days Left

Moroccan bath plus mud spa or waxing

AED 280 AED 139

.The Moroccan bath is a tradition that has endured for centuries and has been refined and honed to be the ultimate experience for lovers of rest & relaxation in this part of the world! With today's deal you can pamper yourself with a Moroccan Bath Special at Makan Salon & Spa from AED 139!

  • 3 Days Left

Rim repair & paint restoration

AED 500 AED 149

You might be the safest driver you know, with decent skills behind the wheel but with a badly maintained car, even the best of us don’t stand a chance against misfortune on the road. It pays to keep your entire car in tip top shape, especially wobbly rims! Worry not, today’s deal is a Rim Repair & Paint Restoration Package from Al Meeraj!

  • 3 Days Left

5D Cinema Experience

AED 50 AED 12

After a while, 3D loses its novelty and something bigger, better and more exciting is needed to make the cinema experience exciting for the whole family again! With today’s deal, you can lift the cinema experience up a few notches with the Two for one 5D Cinema Experience from 5D Cube for AED 12!

  • 3 Days Left

GQ Men's Salon

AED 90 AED 30

The 21st Century alpha male doesn't resort to clubbing rivals over the head like his caveman counterpart. On the contrary, he keeps himself sharp looking, for there is no status symbol as impressive as a well groomed appearance. Today’s deal is a Alpha Style Special from GQ Men's Hair Lounge!

  • 3 Days Left

Suave Men's Salon

AED 50

These days the sleek and polished professionalism of men's salons cater to our comforts and still leave us looking stylish (something ladies have taken for granted for years!) With today’s deal you can get the Suave Salon Special for Men from Code Gents Salon starting from AED 50!

  • 3 Days Left

Dubai Tourist Visa

AED 750 AED 375

It is great to be free and uninhibited in one of the most exciting cities in the world, but memories of home always linger on. Just once, you’d love for your family or friends to fly down and join you in the beautiful city of Dubai to double your happiness! With today’s deal, enjoy a month long tourist visa for your loved ones from Al Adeel from AED 375!

  • 3 Days Left

Pizza, drink & shisha

AED 45

The Hawaiians enjoy it with pineapple, the Indians with tikka, the New Yorkers like it cheesy but the Margherita pizza is one that people all over the world enjoy! With today’s deal gobble a Margherita pizza plus choice of hot/cold drinks and choice of shisha from Shisha Zone at Suha City Hotel for AED 45!

  • 3 Days Left

Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai

AED 15

With the revival of interest in self-defense sports courtesy of messrs. Pacquaio, Silva and Mayweather, now is as good as time as any to give it a go because those New Year gym resolutions haven’t been working out and you DO want to get fit! Get learning all of these different disciplines with the Three classes of Martial Arts Special from Multiclub for AED 15!

  • 3 Days Left

Mani-Pedi Super Special

AED 39

A well done manicure and pedicure is not only relaxing but also one of the most stylish assets to the fashionable woman of today! Today’s deal is a Mani-Pedi special plus options of foot scrub & massage, hot oil treatment, head, neck & shoulder massage, hair wash, blow dry & eyebrow/upper lip threading from White Pearl Salon starting from AED 39!

  • 3 Days Left

VVIP Ticket to Dino Live

AED 200 AED 40

Yabba Dabba Doo! No matter how old you are, there is something immensely fascinating about the wild variety of dinosaurs that roamed the Earth 65 million years ago! Today’s deal is a chance to mingle with the dinosaurs with a VVIP Ticket to Dino Live Show Show at Planetarium 360 for AED 40!

  • 3 Days Left

Chinese Hot Pot

AED 150 AED 75

Shabu Shabu ranks as one of the best yet little known cuisines of China. The authentic hot pot experience is a must have for lovers of Chinese cuisine! Today’s deal is an Authentic traditional Chinese shabu shabu Hot Pot for Two or more from China’s No 1 Hot Pot Restaurant Chongqing Liuyishou for AEd 75!

  • 3 Days Left

Stunning Hair Salon

AED 69

Nobody can replicate classical beauty like a professional beauty expert! Under their expert guidance, you can find yourself going from frumpy to fabulous in no time flat!Don’t take our word for it, try today’s deal and see the difference yourself with the Stunning Hair Package from Papion Beauty Salon starting from AED 69!

  • 3 Days Left