Unleash Creativity with 1-Year Access to Adobe Illustrator CS6 Online Course Beginner and Advanced with TeacherBird.com from AED 49

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1 Year Unlimited Access to Online Adobe Illustrator CS6 Beginner or Advance for one person
1 Year Unlimited Access to Online Adobe Illustrator CS6 Beginner and Advance for one person

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  • Includes online exam and certification
  • Master the art of creating stunning images on Adobe software
  • You will get familiar with the efficient ways to perform common editing tasks, including noise reduction, shadow and highlight detail recovery, retouching, and combining multiple images Complete the courses at your convenience for a year
  • 12 months unlimited access to the online training material allows self-paced learning from the comfort of your own home
  • Project based learning approach for accelerated learning and practice
  • Practice files provided
  • Monitor your progress on a user-friendly interface
  • Instructions for both Mac and Windows system
  • Accessible on any device
  • Software not needed for completion of training course
  • Create your own professional portfolio using the latest design technology
  • Accessible on any device
  • Simply click on each product’s thumbnail at the Products page for courses detail such as table of contents, free videos ,etc


  • Voucher valid untill 2 months of purchase
  • Internet connection and audio required.
  • Software not provided
  • Adobe Illustrator software not needed for completion of the training course!

  • Visit http://www.TeacherBird.com
  • Sign up and log into your profile.
  • Go to upper part of the page and click on Redeem Voucher.

    Fill in the following details:
  • Voucher issuer (Deal Gobbler)
  • Country of issuer (UAE)
  • Voucher code
  • Then choose product family (Adobe family)
  • Selected course ( Adobe Illustrator CS6 )
  • Teacher Bird will take 1 working day to assign the selected course(s).
  • You will be able to start the course approximately 1 working days after registration date.


This course has been created in 8 different artwork projects

1. Transform your normal photo to very artistic fine art photograph.
2. How to create artistic Face and Body Text Effect Tutorial
3. How to create Splatter photo manipulation
4. How to create your own realistic background.
5. How to Create Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop Using Screen Mode Option.
6. How to retouch lips like a pro for advertising.
7. How to create a Portrait Triangle Effect.
8. How to turn a personal photo into a sketch and then turn it into a colorful poster design.

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Option 1: 1 Year Unlimited Access to Online Adobe Illustrator CS6 Beginner or Advance for one person for AED 49

Option 2: 1 Year Unlimited Access to Online Adobe Illustrator CS6 Beginner and Advance for one person for AED 89

The Merchant

Teacher Bird is an online training portal, establishing a bridge between teachers and students by imparting knowledge through educational tutorial videos on Adobe software courses, Microsoft training, Mac OS Lion or Windows 8 training programmes, and more. Employing a project-based learning concept, the courses offer case-to-case problem-based methodologies where short, concise, and practical tutorials capitalize on the advantage of e-learning. As such, learners adopt the freedom of learning in the comfort and convenience of their own home via a computer or laptop.
Video Introduction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53THZl75HKs



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