Iceland Water Park AED 110

Dubai is a desert city, but you can hardly guess that with the number of options to cool off here. None as refreshing and wonderful to experience as a splash-off session in a waterpark! Freeze the desert with today's deal: Iceland Water Park general admission tickets for AED 110!

  • AED 110
  • 32 Days Left
Gelish Mani-Pedi with Full Body Wax starting from AED 49 AED 49

Looking good is not as easy and requires great effort. Whether your nails are chipped or dull, the professionals at Exe Salon will leave them looking gorgeous again. With top of the line facilities, great ambiance and high quality products, the friendly and efficient service by the beauty therapists all contribute greatly to a pleasant and professional waxing experience.

  • AED 49
  • 32 Days Left
12 module Microsoft Excel and Word Essentials Course AED 19

n this fast paced world where technology has become the backbone of almost every industry, specialized skills that come from Microsoft Office training and other Microsoft products have become staple knowledge. From this amazing deal from Bristol Training, these Microsoft courses can be just the thing to jump start your new career or allow you to become more efficient at completing your daily tasks.

  • AED 19
  • 6 Days Left
Beautiful Dinner Dhow Cruise along Dubai Marina AED 139

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise provides tourists a different pleasure! If someone wants to experience a long time memorable event then they must try this cruise. A canal city in the Venetian tradition, where you will enjoy the most inspiring sights and landmarks of Dubai and have a beautiful view of city in new light. Dubai is the 8th Wonder of the world, on Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise you will have a two-mile stretch of the Persian Gulf shore a

  • AED 139
  • 63 Days Left
Double Decker Bus Tour of Dubai from Easy Tours for AED 79 AED 39

From the towering sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel to the mysterious gold and spice souks, what better way is there to see Dubai's breathtaking views than from the King of all sightseeing vehicles, an open-top, double-decker bus. This four hour double decker bus tour will show tourists the highlights of Dubai. From a stopover at the Dubai Museum alongside other sites such as Jumeirah Public Beach and Burj Khalifa, all the talking points a

  • AED 39
  • 32 Days Left
Lunch, Brunch or Dinner Buffet from Sevilla Restaurant AUH AED 120

Going out to eat is often about trying new foods you don’t have time to make in your own kitchen. This incredible deal from the Seville Restaurant offers a plethora of buffets that are the perfect way to try a sampling of different foods on your to-try list without breaking the bank. Whether you have a hankering for a big lunch buffet, a hearty brunch or a boatload of Seafood, you may find it at the incredible Sevilla Restaurant to ea

  • AED 120
  • 63 Days Left