Peaceful Spa Special AED 99

Breathe in, breathe out. Calm your mind. Let your anger, sadness and negative emotions melt away… and improve your physical and mental health while you’re at it! Intrigued? You might want to check out today’s deal – Choice of Full Body Massage or Moroccan Bath from Bluestar Spa!

  • AED 99
  • 4 Hours Left
Salon Unwind Package AED 89

Most of us unwind by the TV in pajamas and a big, unhealthy bag of crisps followed by a night out in town. However, marathoning Game of Thrones while snacking on junk isn't really ideal for your appearance. So why not spend that time unwinding to look beautiful at the same time? Today’s deal is a Unique Unwind Package from Natural Touch!

  • AED 89
  • 4 Hours Left