VIP Desert Safari Experience AED 159

The Lahbab desert is one of the most picturesque locations in the UAE. Far from the gleaming skyscrapers, gorgeous roads and glamorous malls of Dubai, it is a very different but equally stunning and beautiful part of the country that not many take the opportunity to experience. If you are looking to just take a break from the stressful, hustle and bustle of long workweeks and short tempers brought upon by the city, take a few deep breat

  • AED 159
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Hair Wash with Blow-Dry or Full Body Waxing AED 99

It's a fact that looking beautiful isn't that easy as it looks. It takes more than regular beauty products from the store and DIY tricks, often the expert touch of professionals is a must. If silky smooth skin or dazzling hair is next on your salon schedule, this deal could be it. With today's deal, you can let the beauty experts at Artisan Beauty Lounge take care of your unwanted body hair with Full Body Waxing and let your tresses be

  • AED 99
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20 Minutes Jet Boarding AED 179

Guys, the hottest trend in adventure water sport is now back in town. Swim like a dolphin and soar like a bird - seems like an impossible combination of powers for a superhero. Believe it or not, you could be that guy taming the wild amphibious jet pack with the ultimate deal from Deep Sea Diving. This ingenious and deceptively simple device bolts on to the powerful motor of a jet ski, then routes the resulting water jet through a long

  • AED 179
  • 28 Days Left
Discover Scuba Diving Experience and Snorkeling AED 149

It's said we humans know more about what happens in space more than what the mysteries of our own waters. The waters seem calm from the outside but ever wondered what goes below the limitless expanse. Here is your token to end your curiosity. The magnificent waters of the Persian Gulf are home to an astonishing variety of fish, sea mammals and other marine life, making scuba diving and snorkeling very rewarding pursuits.

  • AED 149
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Value Voucher worth AED 26 on Fresh Juices for AED 12 AED 12

Mmm … sweet, delicious, mouth-wateringly fresh juice. Is there anything more heavenly on a hot summer’s day? But did you realize that fresh juice not only tastes great but also is great for our bodies? An absolute treat for all health conscious people. Get any Large Smoothie, Milk Shake, Detox, Boosters, Mocktails & Drinks for Only AED 12 at Fruit Monsters, JLT

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