Roses and Romantic Lavender Neck Pillow from Global Alliance Trading starting from AED 120 AED 120

Valentine's Day is almost here. There maybe a lot of gift ideas to make your love really feel special, but not unlike this deal. Imagine waking up after a sound sleep to fragrant fields and greener pastures. Sound scrumptious?. Well, your mornings could be the same everyday. Gift him/her the Lavender Neck Pillow for the perfect way to begin the day; and as part of the Valentine's tradition, add romance to the moment by surprising her w

  • AED 120
  • 16 Days Left
Customize your Interiors with Wall Stickers AED 32

When life around you is interesting, why should your walls stay boring?. Customize your wall to look cool with a creative artwork that will leave your friends speechless. Cut to order with a matte finish, the designs are great for modern interiors homes & offices. Once applied your wall sticker will give you the look of being painted onto the surface. The sticker is made of a high premium quality material that will last a lifetime when

  • AED 32
  • 48 Days Left
MacBook Hard-Cover and Keyboard AED 69

The form-fitting, glossy hardshell case keeps scuffs and scratches at bay for on-the-go protection. Its sleek design features a lightweight two-piece design that’s easy to put on and remove. Plus, rubberized feet add stability to prevent sliding and tilting so your precious MacBook stays grounded. Available in Gold, Lavender, Silver and Rainbow color options, the case features scratch-resistant matte finish that resists scratches, fin

  • AED 69
  • 48 Days Left
Anti-Slip Smartphone and GPS Dashboard Holder AED 39

At times defying gravity is a dire necessity, especially when it comes about your trusted smartphone. This versatile holder keeps your items in place within reach. This incredible Anti-Slip Holder is a unique adhesive mat that removes any need for expensive smartphone holders or cumbersome GPS mounts. You simply place the sticky pad on the dashboard of the car or any surface comfortable for you and voila - confidently place and press th

  • AED 39
  • 48 Days Left
Ultrathin Credit Card Phone in Choice of Colour for AED 129 AED 129

Caught in the smartphone hype and bragging about owning the latest flagship device, the phones today with all its tacky features and humongous size seems to have forgot about simplicity. If you are looking for a phone that sticks to the basics of what phones are supposed to do, then this is your deal. Plus this is as thin as it gets. Featuring a micro USB charging interface compatible with the chargers on the market, this 4mm phone also

  • AED 129
  • 48 Days Left